Get your mind right for the New Year with Spartan Mind Doc Dr. Lara Pence (043)

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It’s a New Year and we’re back with new episodes of the Seasoned Athlete Podcast!

For many of us, a new year signifies an opportunity to look within, reevaluate and reset our goals. But often times, we don’t stick with those goals, or get stalled out even before we get started. The mind is a powerful tool – it can work for you and help you do amazing things, or it can tell you lies about yourself and act like a saboteur. In the spirit of the New Year, new aspirations and new energy, we’re doing something a little different with today’s episode. For the first time, we are featuring someone who is UNDER age 40. Again, in the spirit of the New Year, today’s guest can serve as an amazing resource for those who have struggled with starting or maintaining a fitness routine, or have convinced themselves that they aren’t capable or worthy or bold athletic and fitness goals.

Today’s guest is Dr. Lara Pence. She’s a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and has spent the last fifteen years working with individuals as they peel back the layers of their outer shell, cast aside unhealthy patterns and begin to build a new, more resilient sense of self. Dr. Pence has worked with Olympic athletes, successful business owners and entrepreneurs to help them move away from comparison and self-loathing and toward connection and self-investment. She is the Chief Mind Doc for Spartan and hosts the Spartan Mind YouTube video series. And on January 1st of this year, Dr. Pence launched a brand new YouTube videos series that takes viewers through a journey of self-discovery, exploration and analysis, with new videos released every Tuesday and Thursday and important at-home exercises to help deepen self-understanding and awareness. Learn more and subscribe HERE.



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