Going out in style with obstacle racing fan favorite Hobie Call (017)

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In honor of the Spartan Race World Championships taking place in Lake Tahoe, CA, this week's episode is all about Seasoned Spartans!

Our main interview is with Hobie Call, a Utah-based father of five, a member of the Spartan Race Pro Team and someone who is often referred to as the Godfather of Obstacle Racing. With a background as a distance runner, he ran first Spartan Race in 2011, and has since run 84 obstacle races, picking up a stunning 57 first place finishes and becoming a fan favorite along the way. In 2015, he stepped away from professional racing – prompting some to believe he had retired. But he wasn't done, and nothing proved that more than when he showed up to the 2016 Spartan Race World Championships and walked away with his third world championship title. This year, he's making one more run at glory, working toward becoming the first masters athlete to top the overall elite podium at the 2017 Spartan Race World Championships – before officially retiring for REAL this time. 

In this episode, Hobie talks about the competition that almost prompted him to throw in the towel (and potentially miss out on an illustrious obstacle racing career), what he believes to be the most important thing when it comes to racing (spoiler alert: it's not winning!), and why he decided to call it a day after this current "retirement party" season. 


Age: 40

Sport: Obstacle racing

Quote: "The competition isn't the test. The training is the test. The competition is the reward."

Instagram: @callhobie


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Each week, we start our show with our featured EVERYDAY SEASONED ATHLETE. In this segment, we shine the spotlight on athletes over age 40 from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels.. Our Everyday Seasoned Athletes will be sharing why they do what they do and what they’ve learned along the way – all in their own words. Sticking with our Spartan Race World Championships theme, this week we feature obstacle racing athlete and coach Alisha Lopez.


Age: 43

Sport: obstacle racing, cycling

Quote: "Be your GREATNESS!"

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Instagram @nolimitssportsandfitness

RUT Camp (obstacle race training gym in Long Beach, CA

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