Another year more seasoned - the 2018 Birthday Podcast with Host Robin Legat (042)

As has become tradition here at the Seasoned Athlete Podcast, on host Robin Legat’s birthday every year, she turns the tables and answers listener questions. On this episode, recorded the day Robin turned 44, Robin talks about her year in racing, including successes and shortcomings, shares her experience as a budding competitive obstacle racer, and gives advice to listeners who are working on accomplishing their own health, fitness and race goals.

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Adventures in sobriety with ultra-runner Charlie Engle (036)

This week, we talk to 55-year old Charlie Engle of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Charlie is a husband, a father, a writer, a runner and a recovering addict. He’s run across deserts, summited ice-covered volcanoes, swam with crocodiles and even served a stint in federal prison. But Charlie’s greatest challenge is the daily challenge of sobriety. Instead of trying to kill his addictive nature, Charlie instead channels it into positive, purpose-filled pursuits, and those pursuits have literally had him running all over the globe. He’s been clean and sober since 1992, his running pursuits have been the subject of multiple documentaries, and in 2016, Charlie released his first book aptly titled Running Man. Charlie is, as he describes yourself, an addict who runs and a runner who writes.

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Adopting a new sport in your forties - and becoming a World Champion with triathlete Adrienne Leblanc (024)

In this episode, we talk to Adrienne Leblanc, a mother of three, physical therapist and triathlete based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. She's a five time age group national champion for short course racing triathlon. She earned the World Champion Sprint distance triathlon title in 2015 and are the 2017 World Champion in the Olympic distance triathlon. She also earned Arizona State Champion titles in 2016 and 2017 in the 40K women’s road cycling Time Trial Race. In 2018, Adrienne plans on competing at the ITU Age Group World Championships for Triathlon in Australia, where she hopes to defend her winning title from this year.

We talk about the ups and downs of being a part of a family of athletes, how she found her way into competing in and winning triathlons in her forties, and some of the key things she does to stay at the top of her game as she gets older.

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