Robin Legat is what you would call a late-in-life athlete. She never played sports growing up and was always picked last for teams. That all changed in 2003 when, after recently moving to Los Angeles and in search of a social outlet, found an ad on Craigslist for an upstart roller derby league. She went to her first LA Derby Dolls practice and she was hooked. She played competitive roller derby for eleven years, through her fortieth birthday. She also found a new career as a fitness coach and trainer. Although she had retired from roller derby, she wasn't done being athletic, and soon found a new outlet for her competitive energy - obstacle course racing. She currently competes at Spartan Races and other similar obstacle races, with a goal of reaching the podium as a master's elite racer.

Robin is continually inspired and motivated by stories of other "Seasoned Athletes" making their mark in their chosen sports. This is what led her to create the Seasoned Athlete Podcast - so she can help inspire other people to explore their athletic side and realize that age is more than just a number...it is an asset!

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The Seasoned Athlete Podcast shares the stories of high-level, currently competing athletes from a wide range of sports who all share one common bond: they are all over age 40. 

My goal through the conversations that take place on this podcast is to inspire you to believe in your own athletic potential an abilities, regardless of age. If even one person listening decides to run a race, try a new sport or sign up for a triathlon, then I know I am accomplishing my goal.
- Robin Legat
Host, Seasoned Athlete Podcast

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